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Soo dhowow! or welcome in Somali language. In this website, we will show and guide you through the different facets of Somalia. We will present their unique culture and traditions, about their country aesthetically, their quantity and others. We will also show you their Art, their Craft and Music and we will bestow you with Somalia’s tourist spots. Please enjoy your stay here at our website as  you delve in deeper in each of our pages little by little and one by one. Thank you for visiting our website and have a good look! What is within this page is not our property and we are not claiming it as our own, we have mentioned the owner’s websites in the end of each pages that we had made, credits to 123rf.com for the Butterfly Somalia picture as shown on our header image and in the picture below. Maalin wanaagsan! or Good Luck in Somali language, can’t wait to know more? Read our pages to see.